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Vitesse 1600/6 Steering Column

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The column is adjustable for reach - i.e. in and out - by slackening off the top clamp and the intermediate column clamp down in the footwell, sliding it as needed then re-tightening. The lower clamp should be slackened by the two small bolts as they are just re-tightened "hand tight" whereas the one with the lock nut needs to be done to a specific (small) torque.

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with enough shreaded wheat the column inner and outer tube will move its designed to be collapsible on impact  has around 4" of in /out adjustment 

but a serious good pull should shift the inner and then another pull should shift the outer as they as supposed to ...move under load 

obvious a slackening of any clamps helps you play with where you want it but yes it all is quite moveable with a good tug

as Rob say  if you disturb the inner slide clamp dont undo the centre ,just the two 7/16" setscrews   or read up in the WSM what to do to reset the clamp

as this has to be firm enough to resist involuntary shift but not so tight you get impaled in a crash 


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