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Chrome rim trim rings

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Oops, sorry, yes, chrome wheel rim trims (or stainless, or aluminium).  I remember fitting some to my '73 in the mid-eighties, but I don't know if they were an aftermarket accessory or if they were a 'proper' option.  I seem to remember mine were stainless with a row of aggressive-looking teeth to hold them on.  Is that how the current stainless offering works?

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Possibly some of the larger saloons had them, but none of my GT6 / Herald / Spitfires ever had them. I know the ones you mean - the rim embellishers rather than the flat versions that go round the hub cap, which early GT6 certainly had, and I think Vitesse may have had too? I've managed to find a photo of them off the Net, they're still available for MGs and the like. 


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The only car that got OE rimbellishers was the late Spitfire 1500 with 5.0J wheels. These had a very square/sharp profile and fitted deep and snuggly in the wheel offset.

Everything else is aftermarket and have been a popular bit of bling since the 1980s. Profile is 'soft' with aggressive teeth.

Had some on mine. And looked nice until the kerbing damage set in!

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