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1977 Spitfire 1500 Hood

Ian Burrell

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Hi everyone

I am new to both the TSSC club and the Forum.

My car has its original vinyl hood and it needs to be replaced. The rest of the car is in immaculate condition but the hood is showing its age and the door windows do not seal against it properly.

What I would like to know is who supplies the best possible replacement and any other information that might help.



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Sorry for brief reply earlier.

I fitted a don hoods good to our MK3 last year, good quality and fit, no skimping. My mkIV needs a new hood too, so I need to get one ordered (though not s good time if year to fit one, ideally a hot sunny day is best)

Avoid their economy hood, the middle version is what I bought, not sure if the "everflex" is actually better, or just available in lots of colours.

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