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Spitfire Exhaust System Recommendations Please


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Spitfire 1500, had the wheelbarrow exhaust on it years ago, first time I owned it, didn't mind the loudness of it then. Now however after a full rebuild I am looking for something above standard, but not too loud that it gives a headache on longer drives. I did buy a second hand Bell semi-sports rear box, (BSTH5417), but cannot seem to satisfactorily work out how that mounted up under the boot. Oddly the single bracket is bent over at 90' and the under chassis pipe does not seem to line up very well to where I think the back box should be - picture attached. 

Speaking to the Club Office I was enquiring about the Bell semi-sport system offered by the TSSC, but not getting any real definitive help with this model as I was informed that this type not kept in stock and are special order only. So not able to be given any specific technical help with this type of box and of course Garth the shop manager is no longer around. Has anyone bought this semi-sport box and can give me an appreciation of the exhaust note level. 

I also suppose I could fit the full sport, wheel barrow system and fit a centre fitting dampening section. although I cannot seem to find anything like that for sale, only with full systems. Also seen the "cherry bomb", mild steel universal mid boxes, which I have used in the past, but not really keen on these as they are large bore inlet/outlet only.

Anybody able to make any observations, or advisories please.


Bell Back Box.jpg

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My brother's 1500 came with this system and it is LOUD, too loud for me! Some say this system is actually louder than the wheel barrow and having a number of wheel barrows locally I think that could be true. 

I replaced my aged standard system (No, they don't last forever!) on my GT6 with a club shop standard system from Bell. Club didn't have all the 3 parts, down pipe, centre pipe and rear box and had to order from Bell. Took 6 weeks! I did phone Bell at one point and it became clear I could have ordered directly from them. So you could buy just the GT6 centre box and fit it to a Spitfire system, one guy locally has done just that.


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