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Door hinge plate in A-post


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access all depends on the inside of the Apost after removal of the kick panel trim , ive only done this on my vitesse with the tub off and whilst you might see it

getting the cage open to remove the tapped plate might be a bit of magic needed  , never tried on a spitty 

but its not in the best zone for access , you need to have a Look see  bit of inspiration 

upping to M10mm or 3/8" unf is pretty common fix, but you need to open up the hinge hole to get the original adjustment back

never tighten with gorilla hands the plate is quite thin theres not much thread area , 

if one is stripped you may even get in there and fit a plain nut on the end of the bolt 

have some strong tea on the brew 


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I did have a look yesterday.

Bottom one is easy, top one not so..

But could be done (with much swearing I guess.. ).

Seems the plates are 4mm thick.

Will change it when my spare door is ready for fitting.

But already will have a look for some metal etc


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I have "got away" with running weld into the hole drilling and re-tapping, the two I had fail on the 13/60?. I considered opening a hole on the inside big enough to take a nut on a socket and then welding the nut from inside before plating over the hole`s, but the welding was (so far) a success.


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