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calling special enthusiasts !!


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I watched this car sell on EBay.  Did you really pay the that quoted max bid? You must really like the car - that is probably a record price for a Herald special.


I passed the EBay link to David Quick, the person responsible for the design and marketing of the Stanbury, this is what he said:


"Looks quite something - a far cry from what I had in mind but that's what specials are all about.

Not sure where he got the only seven in the world from but I guess time has taken its toll of the dozen or so that we built but I don't recognise the
registration number so it may have been built from plans or one of our flatpacks."


Not sure what history you think there is.  I suppose you want to find out who built it - you could try getting the list of previous owners from Swansea, one of them will be the builder.  If you can find out when the registration doc was changed from Herald to Stanbury then the owner after this should be your man.


I was planning to mention this car in the Courier at some time.


Keep me in touch with what you find, and your plans for the car.





Specials Register Secretary

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