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Radio recommendations?


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Reading the "Radio" thread has sparked an interest.

My Mk3 Spitfire does not have a radio.  Perhaps fitting one would improve my driving experience.  I'm paranoid in listening for a new, strange or erroneous noises. 

I would only want to fit one of period appearance.  Also, my car is pretty original so I'd be unwilling to drill holes to mount speakers etc.

Any recommendation for a radio, simple to install that could at any time be removed without witness to it having been fitted?

Many thanks

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Something  that could be removed? I’m thinking small boxed speakers from an old stereo system maybe, which could sit behind the driver and passenger. Easy to wire in under the carpets and perhaps velcro’d in place?

You will need an aerial, you can get them to tape to the inside of the windscreen, but body mounted are more effective. 

I have gauges in my radio slot so I settled on a modern radio, only a couple of inches deep, which fits into the “glove box” to the right of the steering wheel. You can’t see it! I operate it with the small remote that came with it.

If you go for a modern you might consider digital, then you can listen to Planet Rock. Or if that’s too strange or erroneous, stick to Radio4. 😆


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I have a couple of old cars without audio systems so rather than buying many systems I use my smartphone in a windscreen holder connected by bluetooth to a suction mounted "shower" speaker also squished on the windscreen. (£20 on Amazon)

All totally portable and also gives handsfree phone calls and satnav.

I am on a tariff that has lots of data so as well as playing music stored on my phone, I can play radio through apps like "BBC sounds"

Works in the shower too.

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