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spitfire 1500 wind deflector


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I am thinking of obtaining a wind deflector that fits behind the seats. However, I am a bit confused as various types seem to be available. Can anyone recommend a good one and are they easy to fit? Are they all made of a kind of mesh or are some solid, and if so which are better? be grateful for advice.


Many thanks





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I've often wondered whether a windbreak from another 2-seater would fit my Mk IV Spitfire and recently bought this MX5 Mk 2 windbreaker, the mesh section is a pocket and the piece above it folds over, making it quite compact when on the car. I wanted something that could be easily fitted and removed so I made up some brackets using a plastic kitchen chopping board (yes really!!) and bolted them to the windbreaker frame on either side, the base of the brackets rest on the folded hood frame with an additional piece inserted between the hood frame sections. This is my Mk 1 fitting, it seems to work well so far though I may make adjustments/improvements as time goes on. I'll post another photo of the "brackets" and showing the windstop on the car as well.

MX5 windbreak.jpg

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These photos show my Spitfire with the MX5 windbreak - pic 1 shows my "bracket"; pic 2 shows the windbreak sitting on the hood frame; pic 3 gives more detail; pic 4 shows the windbreak with the upper half raised; pic 5 with the upper half lowered (comes in useful when reversing) and pic 6 is similar to pic 2. 

I have found it to work really well, the windflow now merely "ruffles" my hair instead of buffeting my head, it is quite snug inside the car as well. The upper half can be foldded down very easily while sitting and the whole thing sits securely on the hood frame with nod additional securing other than the tabs extending between the folded hood frame sections - I'm quite chuffed with the end result!







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