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Name the connection!

Colin Lindsay

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I'm wiring an early loom and the ignition switch uses three of these rectangular connectors rather than a spade connector. I bought these recently but they're just very slightly large, so while I can trim them, or use as is, I might just look for slightly smaller if I know the proper name. The curved ones are close but also too large, by a fraction, so I'm looking for the ones on the left in a smaller size. Does anyone know if they have a proper, individual name so that I can narrow the search?

s-l500-2.jpg.8289a362ea6eaf7d3f770c0a4ee1e18a.jpg  s-l1600-146.jpg.b8dcff318caa8611bfca7cf96a0c1050.jpg


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No he doesn't. I have them. :)

(That listing is the actual one I bought; I bought the rounded versions from him too and I don't think he has any others but he was a pleasure to deal with)

The original Stanpart / Lucas versions were smaller and if I'm correct they fitted down into the slots on the rear of the ignition switch so they were isolated; these will sit on top and might do at that as they're all very widely spaced and won't short out; I trimmed one using a fine grinder and by the time it sat into the slot the metal arms were very thin. I can adapt modern versions but there's no fun in that.


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