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I have just tried your link and also direct entry.


It's possible that it may be "off-air" for maintenance (server) or uploading new pages / photos. 


I was looking at it a few days ago and all was okay.


Try it again after the weekend and I reckon it will be back.





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Wow, lets keep fingers crossed this is /was amazing site for good clear clues, not always for the car you wanted but the base knowledge was presented 

and usable to be applied to most of what we run


we all know about web site crashes ......xmas 2013 rings a bell with me 




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On one occasion I was on there and wondered who exactly had written the carb stuff so looked at the membership list. As you know they're in USA, Ohio I think, but there is apparently a British Membership Registrar! I think this might be a joke, a British relative, friend or visitor but I recognised the name! Can't remember it now but if you're out there tell us what's going on. 


I told a guy about the site on 29/6 it was up that day. Tried again on 30/6 and subsequently, down. :(

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