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Sliding prop joint


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Hi. I think mine is missing a small welch plug at the rear (has been known apparently), as loads of grease piles out of the back, when greasing. Last time I greased, I pushed a loly stick up there to try and cover the hole a bit and also filled the front threaded flang with grease and screwed in in a few times to get grease at the front.

Not ideal I guess, as maybe grease will fling out of the plug hole and also water/grit can get in.

I assume the joint has to be spit to put a new plug in, as limited access, or any other ways around this please?.

Cheers, Dave  

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you may get luck but i see a strip joint to get access to whop an plug in 

unless you have experience of fitting a contraceptive in a lady elephant 

im sure some are just a plastic plug/cap 

its odd on these cars the  telescope does very little apart from allow prop fitment 

and with so  little  working movement  the splines can get very worn  got that tee shirt when i got the Vit6 


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The prop sliding joint does so little because the diff is mounted to the frame, unlike a live rear axle where it can move around a lot with torque reaction etc.

I prefer to use a specific spline grease in these joints, such as a molybdenum grease or graphite grease.  I've seen some suggest Copaslip or other copper 'grease' - this is not a lubricant and I wouldn't use it anywhere except to stop seizure due to corrosion.

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