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Re-build and respray of 1980 Spit


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Hi All,

I'm edging towards the end of 4 years restoring a 1980 Spitfire total wreck that I bought blind on ebay for a few hundred after selling my long-term Morris convertible that I'd restored. The Spit's 'features' included replaced rear outer wings but entirely missing inner wheel arches; dolomite 1300 engine that had seen better day, Flintstone floorpans...but a thankfully decent chassis. I've found a decent 1500 engine and overdrive gearbox; new sills, pans, B posts, A posts, complete suspension and braking system + second hand doors & boot lid. Oh, and a complete interior required!

Given it's a 'Trigger's broom' it will never be a show car, just fun. Does anyone know of a good (reasonable) place to get it re-sprayed in Berkshire? (I'm in Reading). Will need prep & paint (not my bag).




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  • AlanT changed the title to Respray recommendations please

You could try talk8 g to Beech Hill Garage - they do loads of work with MG’s, and have a good reputation. JY Classics used to have a good name the other side of High Wycombe.

there. Use be some others nearer to home for you, I just don’t know where!

good luck with the hunt...... Andy

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  • AlanT changed the title to Re-build and respray of 1980 Spit

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