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GT6 Mk2 Steering wheel + Shifter assembly wanted

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32 minutes ago, NonMember said:

Actually it's quite a noticeable difference in angle when you put a Spitfire/GT6 gear lever next to a Herald/Vitesse one. Dolomite ones are even straighter than Herald.

I read the advertising that claimed the GT6 had a 'short cranked gear lever' but I've never yet compared Herald and GT6. Now you've put that thought in my head...

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Google, pulls up dozens of (steering wheel) cover suppliers for just a few quid, many claiming to be "genuine" not P-U leather. An hour or two and a bit of patience, I doubt if anyone would see the di

Didn't find any Vitesse photos but this TR4 version one is close:  

Someone asked so here are some pic's of my original early Vitesse Mk2 Steering Wheel as still fitted to the car after 52 years. Stitching still good but how do I tidy up the damage to the leather

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1 hour ago, avivalasvegas said:

Just received a quote from a local SE London shop for £100 to chrome the above gear lever. Blimey!

Anyone know of another option with a good reputation?

god at that price Id try wrapping it in chrome self adhesive or heat shrink film. Anyway by the time you fit a proper gaiter over the horrible standard rubber thing the amount of lever left exposed is minimal.... 

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