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Fitting the plate in to a Spitfire Mk4 rear spring?

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Hi Guys,

I am in the process of replacing the rear spring on my Mk3 Spitfire for a new Mk4 swing spring. As you know on the new spring there is a plate which goes through the spring above the bottom most leaf. However I cannot get the new plate in as the whole assembly is too tight also I cannot get a spanner in to remove the centre stud for the same reason. My workshop manual is no use in this matter as it just tells you how to take the spring out and put it back in. Do I need to remove the spring clips or am I missing something?



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long time since I fitted and   fiddled with my orrible swinger  so yes 4 clamps     not two   youve got it the odd one out gets binned 

on the vitesse you must re route the brake pipes to clear or the spring eye whacks thro' the pipes  

does this also   apply when changing a fixed  to a swinger on a spitfire mk3    ?????  no idea  


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