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11 hours ago, Anglefire said:

I’ma member of a local Facebook group and this picture came up. 
Marshall Lake Road in the 60’s


Hello All

              I used to call at that off-licence on the left on the way to the girl fiends at the time in about 1965 and I remember being challenge once if I was 18? 

I was about 20 at the time and felt insulted I would not now if people thing I am younger (Youth!!!)


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59 minutes ago, JohnD said:

What was your Mum using

from what she said , some sort of punch card/ roll   comptometer  possibly a  Boroughs 

mum  (rear right )   was involved in a test with some automated machine but she won 

it was electric powered as her  cable shorted out on a metal table  and blew half the factory into darkness 



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7761DN. Vehicle details not found. It looks as if it Might be an Early Herald Estate?. The angle is a bit iffy. DN if I remember is a Doncaster Reg. So  a trundle down the A19 then? Low Petergate no longer looks like that either!. The "Chippy" is still be there as a Take away and fish Resturaunt.


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