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Ashley hardtop glass wanted


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I am the current custodian of the ex- Mike Bishop/Jon Ranwell/Chris Sherrington fastback Spitfire hardtop that ship’s engineer Phil very kindly delivered to me in Essex, from Scotland some time back.  I’m now just starting to look at restoring it. It’s an Ashley GRP moulding as shown in the picture below (not my car though) and is complete with all it’s parts, including a scrap of lurid green shagpile headlining.

What is missing though is the nearside teardrop shaped glass window (see picture of the offside one which I have).  Does anybody have a nearside glass window available?  A long shot, I know, but I thought I’d ask.

I have been in contact with MotoBuild who now own Ashley  currently produce hardtops for MG Midgets and Spitfires but with no luck. They can make me a Perspex one but I’d like to try and find a glass one if at all possible.

Apologies for posting on multiple forums but I want to get as large a coverage as possible. Thanks.


Ashley window.JPG

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Just a Thought?. Is it FLAT glass?. I know that American R-V owners, the majority of whose vehicles have FULL glass windows, not the plastics seen "over here". Have in the past had them remade in in the UK?. Some are even Double glazed!.


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Unfortunately the glass is lengthways curved and enquiries that I have made with such companies have always come back with very high quotes for a single one-off curved glass. So I'm still looking, but may have to go with a polycarbonate one.

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58 minutes ago, Sparky_Spit said:

I have made with such companies have always come back with very high quotes

That's because they will probably scan the existing glass then machine a symmetrically opposite mould to drape the hot sheet glass on. Then it has to be trimmed. I used to have lots of glass made for prototype crash test cars. It isn't a cheap process for a one off but you get to keep the buck! 

Good luck. 


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