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good connections ? Distributor


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 there condenser lead must go to the same sprung connection as the coil lead.


the earth lead which is un clear but connects the condenser fixing screw with the outer case so if thats 

what your two black leads are doing then youre OK

make sure the nasty clips on the  2 lead ends fully and cleanly locate under the point sprung leaf


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You got it , thats a good one


whilst on dizzy stuff every so often when the caps off give a good squirt of engine oil down under the base plate , the top dizzy bush is not engine lubricated and wear out quick through lack of lube


some have a felt pad in the dizzy base , some dont

some have a 'oil'symbol stamped on the base plate, some dont


but be it lucas or delco any vintage a squirt will same you £££££s



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