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Damage to distributor cap


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Hi everyone


recently fitted one of the cheaper electronic ignition units (including the rotor arm supplied, which seemed a bit cheap and light)to my Vitesse.


Car was running well until it starting missing and back fired for a few seconds then died, while revving at higher revs than I usually do.


The rotor arm appeared to have come adrift from its location with a few tiny bits of broken plastic in the top of the cam.


Has this ever happened to other owners ?. I think I seated it properly. 


Also the rotor arm appears to have have worn/gouged, some of six contacts inside the dizzy cap when this happened.


Have replaced the rotor arm with the newish old one.


Car will run now, but very rough.


Should I just replace the dizzy cap do you think, or could there be other issues ?.


Any advice as always much appriciated.















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Hi Yes this happened to me after I upgraded to electronic ignition and fitted the rotor arm that came with it at 60mph on a dual carriageway. Luckily it did no damage to the dizzy cap. I understand from others that there are poor quality rotor arms out there from China. Got myself some new old stock rotor arms off fleabay and its been fine since.

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Thanks for getting back Aidan.


Spoke to the Dizzy Doctor who said it happened because the bottom of rotor arm needs to be shaved off for most of the kits, as is in contact with the ring that goes over the cam and therefore not seating properly.


And they don't tell you this!.

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Have being in contact with supplier of the electronic kit, who has some regard in classic car circles.


He wanted to know who had given me the above info as he had never heard of this issue.


When I disclosed this, he was pretty negative about this person in various way and also described him as doomongerer.


So, difficult to get to the bootom of this I reckon.

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I think it was Pete Lewis who advised me about the cheap rotor arm imports - I was trying to find the thread but was unable to Mine came from a reputable company as well but I guess they just buy them in bulk rather than one at a time - The company just thanked me I don't know that they did anything about it - but I expect so as they have a good reputation  - The company was H & H Ignition

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stick to reputable always

there is often problems with aftermarket copies where the mould is taken from a clone, the plastic shrinks as found by many whith dizzy caps that wont

locate  on the  dizzy body,    all down being copies with  mould /shrinkages


dizzy doctor and club sell known good parts , as do many mainline suppliers


and often the trigger is a tight fit and needs care in fully locating , some aftermarket rotors are wildly loose , and best in the bin


you know when you have a good  finger  press fit with no wobble,,  anything else is going to fail


if ti wobbles or easy to fall off expect the worst  dont use it 



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Thank for getting back.


Have fitted a new cap from the Dizzy Docter.


Car started on the button, but still missing/running very rough when moving and engine under load.


It then ran a lot worse and now will hardly start.


The vacuem advance is moving when sucking on the tube.


Wondering if there could be other damage to dizzy when this happened or when it backfired a couple of times.


At a loss, so any thoughts on this would be great.


Cheers, Dave

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You did re-do the timing didn't you? You don't say so. :rolleyes:  When I put my electronic ignition on the timing was only slightly out and needed only slight readjustment. Others won't start at all. Presuming you did adjust the timing, you did it by slackening the bolt and twisting the dizzy? Has it come loose? Sorry to point out the obvious but we've all done it!

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