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Led stop lights 1500 Spitty


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Hello All

            Now here is a stange thing that I only noticed last night.


When all the lights are switched off but the ignition on if I press the brake pedal the dash lights come on (reduced brightness) and I checked today so do the front sidelights(can't tell if rears are on as stop light is on)


I have been running Led's in front,rear and dash lamps for several years(It has probably always done it)


I can only assume there is a back feed from the rear lamps up the side light circuit(I will have a look later) probably needs a diode in rear tail lamp circuit?


I have just had a thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if the stop/tail lamps are the sort that puts the leds on at reduced power on side lights but full power on brake lights? that would probably explain it?


People must have wondered why my side lamps were going on and off in the day(if they noticed!)




ps good job Spanish police did not notice I would probably be still in jail or broke!




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Hello All

              I was right in my thinking(reduced power sides,full power stop.)


So I have fitted a diode in the side light lead (3amp a bit over kill but to hand!  but would be ok if standard lamps were refitted.)


When I was doing this mod I found this wire and plug what is it for? (I guess USA spec)





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Hi Roger,

From your photos, it looks like both wires are the same colour (red with a blue tracer?), and I don't recognise that connector.  Is there one electrical contact in the connector, or two - in other words, are the two wires (presumably) connected together in parallel?  All I can think of is 'rear fog light', which may have been a requirement in some geographies when your car was assembled.  I am assuming you don't have a rear fog light switch that doesn't seem to do anything?   In a 'general guide to car wiring standards' that I have, Red/Blue is documented as 'Front fog lamp fuse to fog lamp switch', which seems unlikely since your photograph was taken in the boot, wasn't it?



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