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Halfords Special weekend offer


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and if the roller cabs have the ball bearing sliders, ditto


Description on Halfords website says the drawer slides are "friction", in which case I would not recommend them having bought similar from Halfords. :(

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You're right, Eddie.  Also they have external locking bars, so are from Halfords cheaper range.

I had some of these for ten years plus of hard use, and yes, the slides are a weak point, but if budget insisted, as it alwasy does, I'd buy these again.

I only replaced my old ones with an earlier Halfords special offer, from their ball bearing slide range.


I used to be ashamed of the large "HALFORDS" logo inside the lid, and wish it said Teng, or Blue-point.

No longer!   I proudly use my Halfords cabinets!



No connection with them!

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My GT6 has metric bits on it! I know! Sacrilege!   :o


In February 1973 the rear brake slave cylinders were increased to 7/8ths dia. For some bizarre reason they have metric bleed nipples! 10mm.


Why oh why did you tell me these thing were available? Are they still open? :(

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Not tonight, but the offer is extended to tomorrow.

(must pop down and collect my commission!)



I agree!  And have been howled down when I said so by sticklers who insist that only the correct spanner will fit safely.


Dammit, I've got a WHITWORTH spanner that fits my crank nose bolt perfectly, and is the right length to turn the engine, eg for rocker gap checks.

Joe Whitworth invented them in 1841, and as this has his name on it, it must be his own, personal spanner!



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