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Triumpfest , a triumph


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Just got back from my one-day visit to Triumpfest.

I couldn't come last year - the Commonwealth Games were rude enough to be on at the same time.


And as someone who bitched for years about the old venue for the IWE, I congratulate the Club's Officers in finding such a good one!

The activities, especially the Heritage Loop were very popular.   The circuit close by and the Grand Prix Collection museum just up the hill must have offered much more to do for those staying the weekend.   I hope everyone enjoyed it - I did my one day, very much.


Well done!



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We enjoyed it nice site, the kids enjoyed the clown/circus skills i enjoyed the beer and weather was good  


I did wonder why ear plugs were provided at the gate and soon relaised it wasn't for the cars but for east midlands airport next door !


Meeting and chatting with Graham Robson was a highlight as was the +ve comments made about both of the cars we brought down  .


we managed to get all this into both cars



The show and shine format ensured lots of cars on display


Winning car of show and best GT6  was a very pleasant surprise , the new format probably kept the serious trailer angels at bay though as the concours was held outside.


sisters in triumph!


Well organised and well done tssc

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Well deserved with car of the Show :)


I only had chance to look at your car for 10 Mins or so but it really was a timewarp machine, just like it had come out of the Showroom?


I had a good day selling my Leftover Vitesse spares and thought numbers of Autojumblers, Cars and People where up on last year, certainly on the Saturday?


Well done to the Organisers.

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