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Thanks Pete.  I've just noticed that the 3.63 diff I bought has a bent plate, which is slightly loose on the bolts.  I'm planning to replace the pinion oil seal anyway as it's leaking, so thought I'd swap the front plate off an older 3.89 (split pin) diff I have which is in great nick.  I'll watch the bolts - I'm wondering if someone's fitted normal ones, which is why it's a bit loose - or more likely the bolts have backed off and the taper's not engaging.

I'm assuming careful removal of the big nyloc after centre punching alignment holes and reassembling to the same position after changing the seal is OK?It's what I used to do on my E46 BMWs...

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45 minutes ago, Roger K said:

is the diff mounting plate at the front of the diff the same for all Spit/GT6

No, but for reasons unrelated to what you're asking. Early cars had only one "notch" in the diff front plate for the exhaust to pass under the RH side. But MkIV Spitfires and Mk2/3 GT6s have the exhaust run to the left, so the front plate got a second notch.

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11 hours ago, NonMember said:

Really? I've owned five small chassis cars and my brother had two. All of them had the single notch type (until I changed the GT6's diff - it being the only one that needed the second notch).

Yeah..... counting the ones in the cars I’ve got 7 here (yeah..... I know). All double notch. I’ve got a couple more at my lock-up which are double notch. Possibly the couple of 4.11s I had in my Herald (including its original) were singles and I’ve forgotten.

To be fair, most of the collection are from later cars which obviously skews things.


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