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Vitesse Mk11 rear suspension

John Vickery

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What condition is it all in at the moment? 

People often fit a load of new uprated stuff to replace old/worn/poor suspension, then say how wonderful it all is. So be careful the direction you take.

So, first if everything is in good condition, you need to get the tracking set up correctly. Possible to do at home with some basic stuff. I used string, spirit level, tape measure and a few bits and bobs, and then a bit of research via google explains how to do it. Took me half a day, and so long ago I have forgotten the finer detail. However, it made the car feel fantastic to drive.

As to improvements, I am not a fan of rotoflexes, and have a CV conversion. Not sure it helps handling, but certainly removes the tension in the shaft. Likewise I would suggest poly bushes from Chris Witor, though may not be best in the trunnions. Nylon is harder and will give better control. 

CV's allow the fitting of std Herald/spit etc rear shocks. Best quality by a margin are Koni. Makes gaz and spax look remarkably average. If you keep the rubber rotoflexes, you can get a conversion kit so you can use telescopic shocks, but they are special and shorter than std type.

You can lower the suspension, using a lowering block under the spring. 

If you fancy getting experimental/brave, you can dump the lower wishbone and the radius arm, and use a pair of lower arms making a proper wishbone (wide fixings on the chassis) I know of 2 conversions, and I intend to go down this route when I have the urge. Maybe next winter.

But thoughout, the key is to use quality parts, and correct geometry. And don't forget the front!

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Hi John, welcome to the forum . I have a mk2 vitesse and added the rear bracket conversion kit available from the club shop which replaces the Armstrong dampers with vertical Gaz shock absorbers . The rest of the setup is standard though replaced , renewed the rotoflexes , UJs , wheel bearings and added poly bushes . The setup works well for me with a slight negative camber 



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38 minutes ago, trigolf said:

Clive, IIRC, John Kipping didn't recommend using a lowering block on the mk 2 rotoflex suspension as it places an extra strain on the donuts?


I didn't realise lowering blocks were a thing when JK was about. You may be right on that, another good reason to fit CV's on a well-used car. Everything becomes so much easier!

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