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New carb for 1200 Herald


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My 1966 Herald 1200 runs very badly and I have fitted a reconditioned Solex B30 from The Carburretor Hospital and it is no better. The compression pressures were really high so I have fitted another head which improved things a little.

Is there another make of carb I can fit in place of the Solex? It will not tick over or run smoothly below 1500 revs.

Thank you, Geoff

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How sure are you it's Carb related? Have you been through your ignition system to ensure Plugs, Points, Condenser, Coil & Dizzy Cap are all in good shape? How old is the fuel in the car, if the car has been laid up for a while then you may need some fresh stuff.


I see you are in Newton Abbot, this coming Wednesday is Club Night at the Star Inn, Liverton so must be close to you. The Devon area are extremely friendly and welcoming, so why not take your car down there and I'm sure someone will take a quick look. See here for more details: http://www.tssc-devon.org.uk/#!contact-us/c1sbo

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Take up Darrens offer, two carbs and lowering the comp ratio and the problem still persists is indication of some other basic fault

talk to them about checking valve timing

On your other post about the compression being high , I wonder what other basics have been messed with, cam timing is one worth a simple check using the rockers and feelers.


being a 1200 I guess there is no engine breather conection to the manifold ???



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