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I need to re-bond the glass of a spotlight to its reflective bowl. The good news is that the glass has a lip that seats it correctly on to the bowl.

Considering the options of a suitable adhesive - perhaps super glue / gorilla glue etc - then run a micro bead of waterproof sealant along the new sealed edge to ensure it is water tight.

If anyone has some suggestions re the above, I will be grateful to hear.

Thank you in advance.


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You can get glass glue but I presume that's glass to glass and not to metal, so anything like Gorilla glue should have enough grip. If you want it to stay put permanently a good vehicle sealant like PU1 or Tigerseal will fix it in place, and if applied correctly you may not even need a sealer after that. Modern vehicle adhesives have really come on; anything that will hold a windscreen in place will do for your spotlight.

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