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"uptick" in classic car thefts?


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Latest copy of P-C, has a disturbing piece about the fact that 1) there is an increase aparently in the theft of "classics". One guy having had 2 Nicked!. 2) An asociated "scam" from some one alleging they know where said stolen vehcles are. and offering to provide the location information "for a Fee". In the region of hudreds of Pounds.

The thieving low life scrotes are still out there, sadly none have fallen victim of the Chinese virus.


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I have had two cars stolen,  car less more than careless. Once some scum bag took my mk4 escort off the drive (only 40k miles) and was paid 400 pounds by the insurance. The first time however was when my dad borrowed my cavalier mk3 and left it at st.albans city train station with the keys in it. I did not get paid out for that. To rub salt into the wounds the skum bag drove it around for three years before the police found it, with a little fire damage! And tried to charge me for removal costs.

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