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"upgrade brakes to dual system"

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the size is often moulded on the casting body ???

and a upright reservoir is fine just dont brim it 

the extenion was a cheap way to have some limited visilble levels and increase the capacity 

(which is determined as the reserve volume req when all adjustments and wear are in a bad way ) 

hence why the large plastic is such a advantage  it holds all you need and more and you can see the levels 



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As I have no idea how to fit a float that monitors both tanks so I think I will mount two thru reservoir tank optical sensors? Cheap. negligible displacement of fluid in reservoir.

I have seen some Triumph Toledo twin line systems with two Single Pole Change Over Contacts pressure switches mounted on the hydraulic lines and wired to illuminate a Warning light. A shame 100Bar pressure sensors are not cheap.

No Rush as haven't seen my car for a year & a Half.



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On 25/01/2021 at 19:49, PeteH said:

This is what mine looked like:-

Vintage Girling Brake Master Cylinder for Triumph Herald 13/60

(copied from E-Bay ad)

I`ll get the Mic; out tomorrow and check the bore. Was considering fitting a Servo anyway?


Any one know if the plastic extensions are still Available?. Not coming up on flea bay nor rimmer. My existing one is exceptionally Grotty.


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