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Type 12 and 14 calipers


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Mounts are the same; so they should be a straight fit. Type 14s are bigger, I'll post a photo below to illustrate.

Type 12 to left, 14 to right, and you can see how the mounts line up to the same position. The only difficulty you may find is if your hubs are not chamfered; the edge of later hubs was reprofiled in order to clear the bigger caliper and you'll find that if you fit unchamfered hubs with a bigger caliper they'll foul.



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pic of a chamfered hub  your origs will have a chamfer but just part of the casting not a machined finish ( unless youre lucky ) 

it can be improved to clear with a careful use of an angle grinder if you cant get to a lathe 

it doesnt take a lot to get some clearance 


hub 002.JPG

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6 minutes ago, ahebron said:

Please correct me if I am wrong but does the Ford type 16 caliper fit the Type 12 caliper mounts.


Yes. Couple of ways of thinking about this.

The "suck it and see" method is that a prncess 4 pot fits a spitfire upringht, and also fits the ford escort etc etc. 

Re size, the caliper lug spacing on spitfire type 12/14 is 3.25". Same as ford m16.

(if considering use on a spit/herald, use a GT6 disc, but I have an inkling the disc needs reducing in diameter a tad, but that may be a dodgy memory)

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You could just get hold of a second hand set of hubs from any spitfire mk3 or later or herald 1360 probably much easier than grinding/turning the originals. Type 12s are ok on my spit but the 14s do give you a far better choice of pad materials.

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