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Novice Howard


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11 minutes ago, Pete Lewis said:

+1 for a workmate and bench 

it will not sit on the sump flange as Adrian says oil pump ...easy to remove but the crank balance weights and journals , most will stick out below the 

sump flange  .   nothing a couple of bits of 4x 2 wont solve as a riser



You just beat me to that - two large wooden blocks, under the front and rear faces of the block; soft enough not to damage the metal faces but strong enough to support the block three or four inches off the bench.

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8 hours ago, dougbgt6 said:

An engine stand would have been handy, but I’ve had 4 ( or more?) engines out and never used one. A black & Decker workmate was what I used.


Did my first few on a work mate, but I can't lift a 4-pot on my own anymore, let alone a 6-pot to turn into over and round to work on it.


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Hi Guys, thanks for those suggestions. I think, knowing how I’m fixed at the moment, I’ll go with workmate, muscles and wooden blocks.

but I will invest in an engine stand for my next project. Thanks again for your help. 

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42 minutes ago, NonMember said:

I would have thought so. Back when I was young, my brother and I lifted a four pot out between us, and we weren't especially hefty.

Yep, done the same. My brother and I lifted a Herald engine out between the two of us. Refitting it was more difficult though.

I would agree that four big guys could remove a six pot.


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