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Early Herald brake disc shields wanted

Colin Lindsay

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Anyone have a set of these lying about, maybe from an early to late upright conversion? They're used to convert early uprights to disc brakes along with an adaptor. Different from the later Herald or Spitfire versions, but also different from the GT6 / later Vitesse versions too - see photo.

AE0C2D0E-257B-4419-8FBF-1F7C114E93AC_1_105_c.jpg.f63fc4c9f9fdacbe61fdf58a3e1cc8f9.jpg B42661B6-7855-438D-9657-212EB59585C5_1_105_c.jpg.8a4f306cdcf8625b0ce3c43dacc74123.jpg

From left to right: early Herald, GT6 / Vitesse, late Herald / Spitfire. As you can see the aperture on the GT6 / Vitesse version is larger plus it's also angled so that although bigger, it's on a different area of the disc edge so fouls the Herald brakes.

77CE8F75-D5F5-4C49-BFB9-66156F6DE442_1_105_c.jpg.b003dd1f2fa24f42affbd331aaa94771.jpg  FF4ADB74-40E1-4414-A04A-38FEEB50B143_1_105_c.jpg.218020ef914b6653e40a6e3e31b2abad.jpg

I had a set of stainless ones made but on fitting it appears they've been cut incorrectly. Part numbers are 208718 and 208713 LH and RH (they are handed)  If anyone has a set they can spare or no longer need, or knows of any, let me know. Thanks in advance!


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