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Oil cooler sandwich plate size ?

David McHugh

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Hi guys, I want to fit an oil cooler to my 1974 Spitfire IV 1300cc, I am struggling with what thread sizes are correct on the cooler sandwich. I realise the ports need to match the hoses and fittings which I believe should be 1/2 inch (please correct me if wrong) but it is the thread that connects the sandwich to the engine or to be presise to where the oil filter fits.

Your help is greatly valued as always, kind regards



BTW, intention is a 13 row cooler with thermostat, thoughts on size, appreciated .

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5/8 unf. Not a common size. (that is the oil filter thread)


However, in all honesty I doubt a 1300 spit will need a cooler? they don't tend to suffer with cooked oil in the same way the 1500 does. On the other hand a bit of piece of mind if the car is driver hard and fast (ie track use or suchlike)

First step would be to use something like millers CSS (not the normal millers oil) on a stressed engine.

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