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Late GT6 Mk3 brake pipe routing

Roger K

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Does anyone have photos of the brake pipe routing for the front of a late RHD GT6 Mk3 with factory fitted servo?

I'm particularly interested in the pipe that comes from the end of the servo cylinder and goes down the front of the bulkhead to the top of the chassis, then goes forwards to the 3-way union just behind the suspension upright, all on the LHS.

Thanks, Roger

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Thanks Colin - yes, I have that.  It's pipe 30(9?)766 that I'm not sure about - I'd like to see a photo of that and how/where it comes down the bulkhead.  My car has no clips on the servo pipes either, so not sure where to put them.  It's complicated because it's a replacement servo which I know is different to the original, but I'd like to get the pipes the same where they go down the bulkhead at least.  If I could see how they went on an original I can make up something similar.

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just had a look in the garage as the bonnet is up. Jeez! It’s cold! And here’s some pictures. It’s a late mk3 and the original servo was a Girling, which never worked too well. Then it’s vacuum chamber filled up with brake fluid and I installed a Lockheed which does work very well.

There never were any retaining clips on the bulkhead, horizontal or vertical, but there’s one on the chassis rail








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