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Chris A

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A friend here in France sent me a link to a company that sprays chrome onto all types of material.

The link is, naturally to a French company near(ish) to me.

I've put this link and a couple of others that might be of interest to some of you. At least it will give you something to look at in these grey & depressing days. For the French link select the link to videos the scroll to last video for a car radiator grill.


Pretty pictures on this one


A UK link




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I will see if they have somwhere near me (I am only an hour from the border). There are places in Germany offering similar services.

I have done a LOT of searching and I have not found a lot of recent reports of people who have done this.

I have found some reports from 2009ish and people said the effect wore off over the course of a year but some people posted later that the process had been improved...

If anyone has had this done and can report I would greatly appreciate it..

Maybe your friend could let me know Chris?

I speak fairly fluent French but I might stumble on some of the technical terms...

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My friend has got his bits back. He got a call late on Tuesday and collected them yesterday. Neither the company doing them nor my friend wanted to risk one or both departments being confined again. I haven't seen the items yet. My friend is very pleased with the results, after painting they get 3 coats of varnish. He told me over the phone that another Simca Aronde owner had all the trim done over 3 years ago and they still look very good.

As a price guide a bumper that didn't need and dents etc. sorted out the price is about 500 Euros rising to 600 if the old chrome is really difficult to remove.


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