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Camber Compensator

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LOL a UFO fan... just bought the entire set on DVD...

I see you've already found the Spitlist pages on the compensator, although I was sure one of the major suppliers had shown an interest in their remanufacture... I could be wrong, and it may have been just this page i remember it from. I'll keep looking.


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Thanks Colin,

yes always wanted to be an interceptor pilot and had a huge infatuation for Lt Ellis...

Anyways have found Ralph Hansen of Apex Motorsports on Facebook. He has these reproduced in USA and sells them world wide. Mine is ordered......

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This, rings a very ancient bell. It is possible that My old Vittesse was so fitted, never really thought about it at the time and anyway "er indoors" drove it more than I did, it was her "commuter". But I vaguely recall it having a Rear "Anti Roll" bar, which I now realise was NOT a factory fit. In line with "percieved wisdom" of the day it had a bag of sand in the boot anyway!. So if anyone out there has XGH 469G (known to be on sorn). It would be interesting to know.


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