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GT6 Mk 2 door locks


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Sorry for the flood of questions.  Last stages of restoration.

I notice Rimmers have a slightly different part number for the door locks on a GT6 from the parts manual and other suppliers.  Parts Manual = 621773  Rimmers 631773.   There's also a large price differential between Rimmers and paddocks for the 2 different part numbers - much more so than the normal expectation.


Anyone know if there's a difference?  Or if there is a higher quality lock available anywhere?  Not in terms of security, just build.   Do the ones with a nut rather than the rubbish clip look reasonably unobtrusive?

I had a midget once where somebody had fitted locks where you have the cone shaped key, (pic follows).  Really good.  Anyone know if these can be adapted for the GT6?  The application lists various MGs and TR5 - 6.

Many thanks


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11 minutes ago, Colin Lindsay said:

621773 are correct, the later ones 631773 are slightly longer and require trimming to suit the earlier door locks. The Paddock versions are correct for the GT6 Mk2.

That plastic deadlock type is new to me, no idea if they fit or not.

Thanks Colin.  Rimmers staff not aware of that.  Say no more.   🙄🙄🙄

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