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Identifying a starter motor (which car does it fit?)

Graham Ness

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I have a starter motor which was given to me in a box of mostly Triumph bits.  It is a Lucas M35J pre-engaged type which I suspect may have come from a Dolomite, or have come from some other Triumph engine that may have had a Dolomite flywheel fitted - to suit the starter motor.  Does anyone know how I can confirm my theory?  I could attach some photos, but all you'd see is a pre-engaged M35J starter motor.  The starter pinion alloy housing bears a casting number that looks like '54247454ABDE', with what looks like an 'F' below the final letter 'E'.  The unit looks like it has been professionally refurbished, since it bears a professional-looking orange 'Tested' sticker.  It has been used, the pinion shows some signs of wear.  I can't use it on my Spitfire, but I suspect it could be of value to someone else and plan to sell.  The distance between the mounting bolts is the same as that on my Spitfire starter motor, and the (unidentified) starter motor appears to have the same distance piece/spacer (131570) as my Spitfire.

Any help in identifying it would be useful and may ultimately help someone trying to get their car back on the road.




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