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Triumphs in Emsworth

Dick Twitchen

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19 minutes ago, PeteH said:

That was how it was reported at the time, Yes

No doubt in the Daily Fail or some other example of utter sensationalist tripe, which some people choose to believe in preference to actual facts because it plays into their prejudice.

21 minutes ago, PeteH said:

The fact that it COULD have been on another charter is not a material fact.

Yes, it is. It's the most significant material fact in relation to the objection that you raised, because you claimed:

23 hours ago, PeteH said:

which cost £????? to build.

and that's clearly demonstrated to be UTTERLY IRRELEVANT in the context of that material fact. So don't go dismissing other people's statements as "not a material fact" when you've been raising your pathetic tirade purely on the basis of things that are clearly not material facts. That's hypocrisy of the highest order.

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The only Hypocrisy Is the Manipulation by the Media to favour whatever is the flavour of the hour. And FYI. BTW I havent taken nor read any of the current rags purporting to be "news" in many a year. I perfer to gather information from a variety of online sources. With a broad spectrum of views. How relavent is a matter of interpretation depending on your own bias. I tend to treat information with a dose of scepticsm.  And I still feel that the pretence exhibited was indeed very hypocritical. Dissagree by all means, changing my mind or view is unlikely.


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