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Spit 1500 Crunch When Selecting 3rd

Basil Fawlty

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I have a slight crunch when selecting 3rd gear 1500 with J type overdrive

the problem does not appear to get any worse and otherwise the gearbox is

fine,  Cardiff to Triumphfest the other week no problem.

Can any of you gearbox wizards point me in the right direction

Is it a possible home fix ie synchro ring or a selector issue?


Plan B is a gearbox out so also looking for a good overdrive box or longer

output shaft to swap in a Spit 1500 or Midget box  


All offers suggestions gratefully received



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yes many things control how sychromesh works 


the baulk ring has to grip the cone on the gear 

the dog teeth on the gear and sleeve must be a nice defined chamfer

any chimbled edges will allow the baulking action to release

the sleeve  needs 3 good springs inside

and a clearing clutch action.


worst with it being 3rd you may have a failed mainshaft spigot and bearing worn out  ,a  very common problem .



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