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B30-PSE1 jets for herald 1200


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My herald 1200 is running on a Weber 32-ICT and  although it runs reasonably well, the idle return isn’t quite right and it isn’t very fuel efficient.  

Over the years I have acquired a collection of 4 solex carbs (including one later zenith with the econostat and brass vent on top of the float chamber) none of them have any identifying marks that can be read. They all look the same body etc as the B30 PSE1.  One of them is i believe the original carb but foolishly after twenty or so years of storage  i cannot remember which one!! 

Does anyone know what the correct jets are ? And how to go about identifying the right spec for ordering up new parts etc.

I may send them away for a rebuild of one good carb. Spindles a bit worn and leaky etc. 

Thanks again in anticipation of your help and advice.



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