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Totally stoopid question on front trunnion bushes... BUT....

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Guys, I've got to ask just for peace of mind. It looks obvious, I'm nearly 100% sure I'm correct but there's always a catch in this life and I just want to make sure.

I've bought some Polybush front trunnion bush sets for the cars I'm currently working on. Just confirm: that's it - just two bushes and a tube. I don't need those inner and outer metal cups around them - that's it? They take the place of the entire thing, not just the two blue plastic bits inside the metal covers? I thought I'd better ask before I go ahead.




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yes thats correct, the sleeve should be stainless so doesnt need the seals of the original design. When you assemble it check that the sleeve is slightly wider than the bushes installed in the trunnion so that when bolted up the bushes will still be free...

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