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Herald 1200 running rough


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Hi, I have a 1966 Herald convertible 1200 with a Solex B30 carb and it runs really rough, missing etc, up to 1500 rpm.

I have checked everything I can think of. I have fitted a re-conned carb from The Carb Hospital, whole new ignition system and even checked the compression pressure which was very high, so fitted a re-conned head which bought the pressure down but though this has made the over 1500rpm much better below this it still runs rough. I have check the cam timing by bringing No1 to TDC on the firing stroke and both valves are rocking, is this the right way to check?

This is driving me mad, not to mention the money side, and makes the car pretty un-driveable, I will be very grateful for any ideas.

Thanks, Geoff

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simonbbc electronic, but it is on a points dibby at the moment as it is easier to time statically . the timing has been checked by men and a friend who is a retired motor engineer. You are right, there is a lot of crap on the market these days, mostly from China.

Cheers, Geoff

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Hi Pete & others who helped,


The Herald is now running beautifully, a combination of too much compression, a totally knackered "re-conned" carb from The Carb Hospital and a fuel pump pushing out far too much petrol.


All running great and I cannot stop driving her!


Many thanks for all the replies, Geoff

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 great its now OK  , now the smile is returning 


next time try  the carburetor exchange , happen to be close to me they are in leighton buzzard and do lots of work putting right what many other companies  have got quite wrong, small  place with lots of experience old time rules . 

do everything from a combine harvester to triple body mercs.   


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