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Vitesse dashboard mounting plates

Don R

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I’ve just put my dashboard and surround(much papier-mâché) back in.  However, I didn’t take enough photos and I have two brackets left over, and I really can’t work out where they go.  At the moment the surround attaches to the bulkhead at the top and the rail at the bottom, and the dash screws into the surround.  I cannot see where the plates would fit.  Can anyone help? Thanks!

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Vitesse Mk1?

I've got a couple of plates of the brackets on some of our dashboards:



If it's part 33 to the left on the top, it screws to the bulkhead then to the lower rail. I don't think the Vitesse had the huge strengthening plate of the earlier Heralds - part 46 in the lower photo. If these don't help, let us know exactly which brackets and we'll oblige.


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