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Eureka Triumph

Trilby Guy

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On 13/03/2021 at 22:29, Trilby Guy said:

Hi, does anyone have a physical address for EurekaTriumph? 

I really need to get in contact with them but their phone and e-mail address aren't working.


Hi. You and me both. I have not heard from Eureka for a few weeks. He has my engine for a rebuild.  We should talk!


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  • 2 months later...

Has any body heard from Chris at Eureka Triumph in the last two or  three months. He has had my engine since October 2020 and has disappeared again? This seems to be the way he does business. I know there have been troubled times at the business but 10 months to build an engine is not acceptable.

He has now left me no choice but to escalate. Anybody else need help to get your property back?






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I thought this was going to be like a Purvis Eureka but built on a Triumph chassis.
Though I did read of one that had a Dolomite steering rack and TR7 headlight motors.
It would have been a bit more fun than this thread
I remember seeing one in our neighbour when I was a youngster.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purvis_Eureka#:~:text=The Purvis Eureka is a,kit car design of 1971.

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Seems like I too have a few issues with Chris. He's had 2 of our engines for about a year. He was paid in full almost 2 months ago as he said they were ready for despatch but no sign of them arriving and he's not taking my calls. Might have no other choice but to go legal...

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My name is Chris Buckingham, some of you may know Eureka Triumph as being my late father's company, Brian Pollard.

After reading through the above thread, I can see many concerned people, and I can confirm that they are my customers.

As alluded to, it has been a very challenging year both personally and professionally. We have typically been a family-run business, and I have now taken over as my father passed last year. Through Covid, many dimensions of my business became very challenging with issues getting parts, suppliers being closed, and the resultant need to let go of some staff that have been with us for years as part of the family. At the same time, I have been managing the unwinding of my father's estate.

This is the tip of the iceberg due to this being a public forum, however, I feel the need to address the real issues that my customers have faced previously. Issues that I deeply and sincerely regret ever occurring. This is not the way I want to do business. It is my personal mission to make Eureka Triumph a company of honesty, sincerity, and trust for you and your engines.

Over the past three weeks, I have been directly addressing the concerns of my customers, and as such, we have undertaken a complete reset of the business.

We have:
- Stopped accepting new orders until our current order book is complete. Hence the website is currently not live.
- Communicated with all of our current customers and come to a fair resolution with each of them.
- Relaid out the workshop to improve ways of working and customer order management.
- Generated a new work scheduling process to ensure we are on track and communicating when anything changes.
- Sorted and catalogued the significant levels of engine parts that we have to better address our customer requirements.
- Improved our quality checking processes.
- Completely altered and improved our customer communications.
- Changed suppliers and moved to higher quality machinists in the local area.
- Revised our prices so that we are not running at a loss and we can build higher quality into our products.

We currently remain closed for new orders but we will be opening again in a few months as the new and improved Eureka Triumph. Whilst we believe that we have contacted everyone with a concern, If anything remains, please contact me directly on admin@eurekatriumph.com

I will work tirelessly to rebuild our brand and have learned a lot from the past. Personally, I love building engines. They are the heart of a beautiful Triumph that we all know and love as a part of our British Heritage. The more we do to keep these cars on the road, the better in my sincere opinion.

Chris Buckingham

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thank you for  the heads up and good luck with the challenges you have spelled out  

so anyone   with a concern that Chris has managed to miss do e mail him direct with his link above 

this sounds a positive move forward and good luck to everyone in getting a resolution 



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