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gt6 rear shocks

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That's a good question?

I know when using the extension brackets the standard rear shocks bottom out, but when mounted on the original chassis top mounts they may well be ok with the Lower wishbone Roto-flex suspension, the extension bracket are used to help the damper clear the Roto-flex couplings but won't be needed with CV joints which is presumably what you are fitting?

I suppose it all comes down to the geometry of the suspension with the lower Wishbone Roto-flex type rear suspension, camber is greatly reduced compared with the early Swing axle suspension, but I'm not sure about the amount of Damper travel.

The Mk2 GT6 and early Mk3's with Roto-flex suspension had the top damper mounted on the inner wheel arch, as you probably know and the dampers are definitely a different part number and are longer than the earlier GT6 Mk1 and late Mk3 Dampers.  


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The above image is pinched from a similar recent post and shows the suspension action using the original Chassis top mounts and also the extension brackets for the lower wishbone suspension.

Any mathematicians out there who can work out damper travel between the two?



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