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Spitfire MKIV front trunnion rebuild

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I've just been working on these on my own Herald and have found that you can screw them right up to distort the rubber seal, which is too far for use on the car. If you rotate them backwards again from full tightness just enough to go back to the position where they'll be when fitted to the car they can feel a bit tight, but still turn through the degree that the steering will turn on the car. (Make sure you oil them first, just enough to make the turn freely) Don't forget that when fitted they'll probably never turn as far as a complete right angle. If you rotate them off a full 360 degree turn it leaves a slight gap at the top of the seal but they turn more freely, and this is what I've gone for at present - so it's more like a full turn backwards.

Wonder if I've backed off too far? Now I'm getting paranoid... but in the previous position they grated and left small marks on the metal above the threaded portion.

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