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Washer bottle filter/valve


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It is also called a check valve or non-return valve. It is not a filter.

Essentially it only lets liquid or air move in one direction. Just like a plastic bottle of ketchup: if you squeeze the begeezus out of it drown your hot dog in mildly seasoned tomato guts the bottle will not return to its former shape. You have to let air in to replace the ketchup you ejacul... ejected...

The pump/bellows works similarly but without the valve the water gets sucked back into the bellows. The water just goes back and forth because as the billows expands it sucks the water back in.

For S&Gs you can operate it without a valve and as soon as you put your finger over one end it will squirt but it will try to such air back in through the nozzles.

While I was at it I also bought a length of silicone piping in case my set up needs modifying or breaks.

2 valves, 5 meter of hose/piping (there were no shorter lengths available when I ordered) and a T piece cost my 12 € delivered...


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