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Stainless braided hose - or attempting to get the clutch working properly 🤔 then doing it twice cos you got it wrong in the first place!

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7 hours ago, Peter Truman said:

gearbox mount looks well made laser cut I assume and neat bonding, who was supplier pls

Numpty9 on ebay, or robsport in Cambridgeshire, the place that manly do stags. Got a few things through the post, always been good, helpful on the phone but even though i have travelled past many times i have never been in.

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All together but there is a big problem.



In . Even replaced missing washer for speedo20210416_144439.thumb.jpg.752aadacfd10fc7863f6030b0090d1fd.jpg

Gear leaver all in and select fine.



New fuel hose as other was Cracked. 


Engine hoses secured and damaged replaced .


Exhaust has a proper gap!


Just going to test . Then the problem showed itself!!!

The starter does not turn the engine! Makes a spining noise and you can hear it against the ring. So stopped and hopefully someone can point to the error of my ways without removing the gearbox !!!.

I did check the flywheels for depth and teeth before fitting.



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2 minutes ago, Pete Lewis said:

this being a lucas pre engaged starter  ???  the solenoid should throw the pinion in mesh before it gets contact

to actually drive the pinion  so why is it spining before its engaged ???


Thats the most wondering thing! Too tired tonight to carry on.  Will take the starter off tomorrow.  Its annoying when something works then does not after you do something else .

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8 hours ago, thescrapman said:

Your car appears to have an automatic exhaust on it, or had you already ascertained that?


Yes the thought had started to dawn on me that it could have been converted from auto to manual! Perhaps the starters are different?! Or i could have knocked the wiring?

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Just now, Pete Lewis said:

the auto has a different starter packer/shim vs the manual  is this creeping into the mix 

both use the same pre engaged starter 

My technical mind has one thing to say, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Will look after second tea!

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Looks like i have some measuring to do. I have alot of spitfire starters, not using them but they have some spacers that could or might be adapted? Unless i need to remove a spacer. We will all know by later on !

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Tested the starter motor. Nothing wrong works as it should.

However on measuring the flywheel i have found the ringgear is not seated fully down !!!

I am sure it was when fitted. Whether i jacked it off when  fitting or loose fit! Ether way looks like i have a long job on.


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44 minutes ago, Pete Lewis said:

yes they a heat/ shrink on fit 

if you try hard to drift it on you can end up with bits and pieces  if it fractures 


It certainly works, fitted to the flywheel, it just fell into place with about 5mins heating with my plumbing gas torch. No hitting required. 


And they want 35 pounds to do this! Anyway test over. I better get it stripped out!

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Well a good thing if you can count is that i found a leak on the pipe that runs under the manifold . It was disturbed last time and see a leak this time. Replacement on list, all stripped off, though it put up a struggle.

The flywheel is off and i have put the ring gear back on! Will check it when fully cold tomorrow and decide if i am going to put it back in or exchange it.


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8 hours ago, Nigel Clark said:

Really sorry to hear of your continuing travails with this job. So much bad luck, things must change for the better soon.

Best of luck, I admire your patience.


Unfortunate more than bad luck, it was better it happened in the garage than driving up the road. Not all the work has to be redone and its always quicker the second time around! Though i did sweat a bit getting the gearbox in! Have to decide today if i use the flywheel with the ringgear put back on or use it as exchange on a recon one? Will test to see if i can move the ringgear with my hands, non mechanical, if it passes that perhaps attach to the car with the starter and try a turn over? If it passes that it should be ok.

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  • Mathew changed the title to Stainless braided hose - or attempting to get the clutch working properly 🤔 then doing it twice cos you got it wrong in the first place!

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