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My GT6 Mk2 - on the Road!!!

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Yaaay.  My car 99.9% finished.  Been out driving for the first time in nearly 20 years.  37 years of ownership, literally my baby!  You can imaging the ear to ear smile on my face  😁   Absolutely loving it, driving really well - better than I remember!     Thanks so much to my good mate Pete Dunne (AKA Jade Muttley) who took a completely knackered GT6 shell a brought it back to as good as new.  Although I pride myself in having rebuilt the car twice before myself, my standard was 100% off his, hence the ground up rebuild.  Some of you may have followed the rebuild on youtube.

This build has included a chassis replacement, engine recondition and a LOT of new parts.  The car now has leather seats (recovered by an upholsterer mate).  I also covered the dash pad in leather and most other vinyl parts including the rear panels (which all looks and smells amazing).  My beautiful little car looks absolutely stunning and drives amazingly.  I AM SO HAPPY for me AND my Car!!!

Thanks to all the advice the forum have given me - all very valuable and highly appreciated.  I still have a few jobs to do but none too important.  THANK YOU!

BTW, the SAH rocket cover I bought new 30 years ago.  The rear seat I extracted from a Triumph breakers also around 30 years ago. Good investments in hindsight!


Some pics.

GT6 Mk2 1.jpg

GT6 Mk2 2.jpg

GT6 Mk2 3.jpg

GT6 Mk2 4.jpg

GT6 Mk2 5.jpg

GT6 Mk2 6.jpg

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My garage is big enough for four cars. It holds two cars, fridge freezer, two other chest (don't go there!!!) freezers, washer, dryer, sink, cupboards, shelves, a five foot square workbench (covered in boxes of spares), rolling tool cabinet and a picture framing guillotine. No wonder there is no space. Maybe a new thread for 'what's in your garage', or has that already been done?

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