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J Type Overdrive 3 Rail Adaptor Plate

Nigel Clark

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1 hour ago, Colin Lindsay said:

Just to confirm - are they unique to Triumph overdrives (as in: is the Triumph version made specially for Triumphs only?) or do they differ between marques?

I've found various other brands online, second-hand -Jaguar for one - so am wondering if one will fit any J-type or does the type of car matter?


for the adaptor the end that fits on the OD should be good for a J type from any marque but the end that bolts to the main case is specific for Triumph small chassis gearboxes...

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6 minutes ago, Peter Truman said:

I have a spare 305137 D type adapter it is 1.595in wide vs the original 313085 Mk4 J type fitted to my modified single rail/3 rail box at 1.673in. Haven’t measured the OD PCD flange can do that tomorrow.

Looks like then the J type OD is slightly shorter in length than the D and might explain why only the 313085 can be used... 

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