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Did I kill my horn?


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As I was getting all chuffed and overzealous from my progress on the dash I realized I hadn't tested the horn yet.

Maybe the 23°C/73°F weather made me heady but I did not check a wiring diagram and just proceeded as I had for all other electrical components:
I wiring in a ressettable fuse to ground and ran wires to the two terminals on the horn (while it was still in the car). The fuse tripped so I reset it and swapped sides... nothing.

So I took the horn out and tried to see if there is a circuit in there and ohm -meter is not registering anything. I cleaned the contacts and retried a few times again on both sides and nothing happens. The fuse doesn't even trip.

I double checked that the fuse is indeed working and the cables I am using for testing is OK.

I searched here and while and I can't see that my method was inherently wrong but I can't be sure.  I am thinking I may have broken it somehow...

Since I am likely to replace it with a good used one (or a better aftermarket)  I want to know how to test it (with a 9-vol battery for example) so I can make sure I get a working one...


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Your other choice is to try the circuit with a horn you know to be working; if it sounds the circuit is fine. Probably even a test bulb will show that current is getting through.

The horn is only another earth circuit that runs current via the horn to earth, so putting a car battery to the two horn terminals won't normally damage anything. I tested all of mine a few months back, most worked (quite loudly too) by just running two wires from the horn terminals to the battery terminals. If the horn has now stopped it's likely the internals were rusty or corroded.


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you wont fire up a horn with a 9v battery they take a high amperage 

the ciruit is quite simple  the horns are on a permanent purple  feed to one terminal   the other terminal heads of to an earth

this goes up to the column slip ring the pencil brush conects that to the button the button contacts via  the column shaft and earths through  the rack 

there  is 2  a link wires to bridge the UJ and another to link the rack to the engine front plate 


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